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The 2019 State Amateur Baseball Tournament
Hosted by the Mitchell Baseball Association.

This is a 12-day tournament, so allows plenty of opportunity to complete Parents hours.

Each Session needs 4-workers. Positions includeT-shirts, Bingo and 50/50 Sales. Report to Cadwell Park at the designated time and may include your son as a helper, however a parent must work with their son. Workers begin 1-hour before the scheduled game start time, therefore, if the Game is at 6PM, workers show up a 5 PM. A two game session will earn approximately 5 hours.

Bingo and 50-50 tickets can be sold from the T-Shirt Table but should also be sold throughout the ballpark between innings. Have fun with the crowd and enjoy the games. We appreciate your help and support.

Email your requests to: bmastel@mac.com

Wednesday, August 7th - LEGION
T-Shirts/Bingo/50-50 (4) workers each session
5:30 PM
Starette Nash
Kerry Brosz
Greg Brosz
Blake Waddell
8 PM
Jeff Larson
Lisa Larson
Tim Hawkins

Thursday, August 8th - Black (14's)

11 AM & 1 PM
Marlene Bennett
Lucas Bennett
Camen Max
5:30 PM & 7 PM
John Hegg
Julie Hegg
Friday, August 9th - 15/16's
11 AM & 1 PM
Porter Geppert
Scott Geppert
5:30 PM & 7 PM
Anders Enga
Kris Enga
Stephanie London
Wade London
Saturday, August 10th - Jr. Legion
11 AM & 1 PM    
5:30 PM & 7 PM    
Sunday, August 11th - Legion
11 AM & 1 PM Carter Miller Lea Miller
5:30 PM & 7 PM Mike Neugebauer  
  Julie Hegg John Hegg
Monday, August 12th - 15/16's    
5:30 PM - 8 PM Tim Neugebauer Nicole Neugebauer
  Ty Neugebauer Lisa Vermeulen
Tuesday, August 13th - White 13's    
5:30 PM & 8 PM Gavin Soukup Pat Soukup
  Kari Soulek  Landen Soulek
Wednesday, August 14th - Black 14's    
5:30 PM & 8 PM Audra Sparks Brandon Sparks
  Brock Sparks Jen Schumacher
Thursday, August 15th - Jr. Legion -    
5:30 PM & 8 PM Mike Neugebauer Shannon Gillen
  Jen Schumacher Jeff Schumacher
Friday, August 16th - White 13s    
1:30 PM & 3:30 PM@ Drake Megan Sabers Tyson Sabers
1:30 PM, 5:30 PM & 8 PM @ Cadwell    
  Megan Sabers (8PM) Blake, Tyson Sabers (8PM)
Saturday, August 17th - Jr. Legion    
11 AM & 1 PM Kari Lord John Lord
  Shannon Gillen Bruce Gillen
5:30 PM & 7 PM    
Sunday, August 18th - Legion    
Noon Class A Championship Kerry Brosz  
2PM Class B Championship Dean Sadler Becca Sadler
  Jackson Sadler Tabitha Sadler

** Non worked parent hours will be billed out at $40.00if agreement hours not completed.
** Players can work but must be accompanied by a parent.
**Just a reminder to all that even thou you may have all of your required hours in, please help out if you can and not assume that the people have filled in the gaps in the past will always be there to do it again. We need a lot of help from a lot of people to make this a successful event like it has been in the past!!

Thanks Dean Sadler
Mitchell Baseball Association President

Email your requests to: